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M'Liss Rae Hawley

Many of you may already know me as the author of twelve bestselling books, fabric designer and featured speaker around the world. Along the way I also was crowned “Fat Quarter Queen” for my pioneering and original work with these wonderful quarter yard pieces of fabric.

                 My own sewing journey began when I was four years old and my mother taught me to embroider on handkerchiefs. By age nine, my passion had grown such that I convinced my father to fib about my age so I could take regular adult sewing classes at our local Singer dealer in Seattle, Washington.

Oh, and it was about that time that I got my first dachshund, Fritzi.”

In college, the University of Washington, I majored in Fiber Arts and continued on with graduate work in textile design and clothing construction. It was there that I met my soon-to-be husband, Michael. We were married in August of 1979. Our son Alexander was born in 1982 and our daughter Adrienne in 1985. Michael went on to a career in law enforcement eventually serving three terms as the elected Sheriff of Island County, Washington. Alexander joined the USMC and is now a Staff Sergeant serving in Afghanistan. Adrienne graduated from Seattle University, served a year in AmeriCorps while also serving as a volunteer firefighter and just recently graduated with a Masters Degree from University College Dublin, in Ireland.

            Meanwhile, my love for fabric and design continued and in 1983 I began my business, M’Liss’s Design & Quilting World, LLC in the living room of our home. In 1988 we moved to Whidbey Island, Washington, and my studio was soon shared with a new dachshund, Matilda.

            I started teaching in the Pacific Northwest while simultaneously experimenting with new designs and techniques.  Expanding outward, by 1995, I was submitting work for national competitions and winning! In 1998 I was selected by Bernina Sewing Machine Company for their Portrait of the Artist series and in that same year my first book, The Mariner’s Medallion was published.  In 2001 I released my first fabric collections with assortments of coordinating embroideries.  By now our dachshund family had grown to include George, Agatha, and Aurora. They were later joined by Amelia.

            In 2003 I moved to C&T Publishing and to date have released eight books with this wonderful company and more are on the way.  A year later I began work on my nationally syndicated PBS show, M’Liss’s World of Quilts and became spokesperson for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines and was featured in numerous advertising campaigns worldwide. In addition, M’Liss© Design Fabrics were being sold nationwide.

In 2009, I began my wonderful partnership with Hancock Fabrics. In the upcoming years we will be introducing many new beautiful and original fabric lines as well as related products to bring color and creativity into your life.

For more on me and my family, upcoming design projects and products, appearances and events visit my newsletter.

       M'Liss & Family,
     Adrienne, Michael and Alexander














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